Learning to Grow

Purpose Statement – Learning to Grow: Building and leveraging relationships

Today, organisations succeed by delivering unique value to their stakeholders in conditions of high-velocity change, global interdependencies that are new and complex, technology that is morphing constantly, and information that is not always available or accurate. It is vital under the circumstances for organisations to build and leverage relationships and alliances in four key areas:

  • Within the organisation between individuals, and teams;
  • In the industry and sector with value constellation partners (independent service deliverers, suppliers, complementary providers, clients and customers);
  • Externally with stakeholders to maximise opportunities and manage risk in a globalised world;
  • With under-recognised and undervalued external constituencies like NGOs and civil society. 

Our focus in the programme will be to assist talented, high-performing school leaders to further enhance their capabilities, increase their impact and influence and build robust relationships.

Learning to Grow Programme Overview

LTG Modules

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