Purpose Statement Voyager™ Collaborative Inquiry and Collective Wisdom  

A key challenge for organisations wishing to secure their futures is getting their leaders to seek the deep information, demonstrate the insightful behaviour, and enable the productive change needed to cope with the complex problem of organisational renewal.

Participants in the Voyager™ Collaborative Inquiry and Collective Wisdom Programme with a organisation-sponsored Appreciative Inquiry Project will learn the three Ensemble LeadershipTM virtues of Being Present, Being in Touch and Being Good.

A final Voyager Action Project module will enable participants to integrate the theory and exercises from their learning sessions and operationalise them through a methodologically-rigorous and organisationally relevant intervention. Participants will thus experiment with turning all the principles learned in the programme into practice as they work individually and in cross-organisational groups to act and resolve hitherto intractable problems or to successfully address new opportunities and challenges.

Voyager™ Programme Overview

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