af"Vodafone believes that the Academy for Collaborative Futures (ACF) can become the source of a very clear and intimate sense of what New Zealand businesses are experiencing and what they are challenged with today. Its message of collaborative wisdom is so critical; it is a simplistic statement but collectively if we all win, each one of us will individually be more successful as well. It is sometimes scary for senior managers to put themselves out on a limb and say they don’t know how to do something, but by sharing and celebrating each others' examples of best-practice in a group, they can build trust in the process and realise great outcomes in an environment which is so challenging.

One measure of the Academy's success will be the learning that progressively ripples out to the wider community and the collective groups’ offerings in the marketplace. At the very least this learning will up-skill our people to have a better understanding of what New Zealanders and New Zealand businesses are doing to maximise opportunities and surmount challenges. At its best it will help in the transfer of this knowledge around core skills into their organisations to improve and make them more efficient. For Vodafone New Zealand, these outcomes will highlight its own commitment and desire to support initiatives that are focussed on “helping businesses do business.”

Andrew Fairgray

General Manager SME, 

Vodafone New Zealand

rv"Collaboration is a key value of ANZ and a natural extension of that is to facilitate the concepts of Collaborative Wisdom and Collective Inquiry across New Zealand business.

Through our research and interaction with Privately Owned Businesses we understand the value of networks, collaboration and the sharing of thoughts and ideas. Recent observations of the recession have demonstrated that businesses which have embraced independent advice in different forms have found it invaluable. These businesses, having survived a difficult period, are now preparing for growth. They recognise that they will benefit from extensive research, developing and leveraging networks and collaboration with their peers.

We agree with these views and are therefore delighted to be a founding member of the Academy for Collaborative Futures and are very supportive of its activities now and into the future."

Ross Verry

General Manager Strategy, 

Commercial and Agri New Zealand, ANZ

lc“I sincerely believe that the Academy’s philosophy of strategic allocation of attention, collaborative inquiry, collective wisdom, strengths-based perspectives and learning as the best form of adaptation is the best way to achieving personal growth and organisational transformation.”

Leith Comer has returned home to Rotorua after fifteen years in Wellington, the last twelve of which he was the Chief Executive of Te Puni Kokiri.

Currently he is leading a significant education initiative aimed at making Rotorua a great place to educate children and young people. Next to the important kaupapa of education, the stewardship of Te Arawa's natural resources ranks a close second. He aspires to represent the constituents of Te Arawa in this important kaupapa. He has previous experience in local governance as the chair of Lakeland Health, Trustee of Tipu Ora and an inaugural member of TeArawa Standing Committee.

Leith Comer

Chair of the Excel Rotorua Education Trust; ex-CEO Te Puni Kokiri

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